Simple ways to save before Xmas

Tis almost the season to be jolly but that happiness can be hampered by not having enough cash. Here are a few quick and easy ways to try and boost your pennies before and beyond the big day when most people need to tighten their belts after the festive squeeze.

  • Check your insurance renewals. Our home insurance is due next month and, rather than blindingly accepting the renewal notice I received through the post, I have shopped around and found a better deal. Result? An extra £30 in my pocket.
  • Survey sites – a great way to pick up high street vouchers which you can use to pay for some pressies. My favourites are Swagbucks and Valued Opinions and One Poll pays out in cash. £20/£25 is more than achievable before the big day and they can be used online.
  • Revamp your shopping budget and meal plan like a demon! This is one of the best ways to save money a month and you will see the benefits all year long. I find an online shop the best way to stick to that budget and you benefit from all the online freebies e.g. this week I have a pack of McCain Roast Potatoes for nada. I pay £3.00 per month, which is a tiny fraction of the petrol costs I would incur, together with the stress levels of a physical supermarket shop! Compared to this time last year, I spend £20 per week less.
  • Batch cook your meals. I was getting totally naffed off cooking three separate meals each night at varying times. I now try to get two meals out of every I prepare. For example, I cook a roast chicken on a Sunday and use the leftover meat to make a curry and another little roast for hubs and me. A couple of foil takeaway tubs from Poundland and Bob’s your uncle and we have two extra meals! There is an excellent Facebook page called Feed Yourself for £1 a day which is full of great meal ideas and cheap recipes. It’s revolutionised my meal times and being prepared with something tasty and healthy in the freezer stops you reaching for that takeaway.
  • Make good use of your points! I just cashed in £12.00’s worth of Clubcard vouchers and bought two joints of meat for our Christmas dinner. An easy way to spread the cost of your festive food.

Would be great to hear your top tips!

Vicky x


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