Always check those bills

Bills, bills, bills.

I do think utility companies go out of their way to make their bills as confusing as possible, which often means people don’t check the finer details and just pay what they are told they owe.

I had my electricity bill pop into my inbox this week and was a little confused that it was so high. It’s summer, so no heating, not many lights on as it stays light till late and, we are pretty careful not to waste power.  So, I went through the bill and checked the meter readings from when we had moved in – quite a difference to what they had down. The bill period also included 15 days when we hadn’t even moved into the property! The result? A £27 credit towards the next bill!

I was really on the ball when we moved – I gave the correct readings and advised them the day I moved in, yet still they used totally different information. Think how much the companies make from errors like this that go unchecked, day in day out.

Keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket – go through those bills with a fine toothed comb and, if in doubt, query it.

Vicky x




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