It pays to complain

I really don’t enjoy complaining but there are times when the level of service received is so poor that it’s necessary.

I recently had a beyond frustrating and lengthy battle with BT to get my broadband installed . It took a few weeks to get the initial appointment, 2 missed engineer appointments and then a further week and a bit for someone to flick the switch and get the damned thing working. The worst part was the poor customer service – nobody bothered to telephone to say they wouldn’t be turning but instead left me waiting 5 hours each time with a toddler, who did not enjoy being couped up! I would have been charged a fee had I not been in when the appointment was scheduled. I wasted a huge amount of time on ‘Live Chat’, quite galling to have to use an online based service when you are waiting to be online! I lost time of the time wasted speaking to people who made me repeat myself countless times and who still couldn’t answer my query (presumably because it deviated from their script) so just disconnected me.

In the end, I did what I would encourage anyone else to do – use Twitter to air your grievance in public. No company likes bad publicity and you will find you will be connected pretty quickly to try and resolve the matter. Whilst it still took some time, they assigned a caseworker to deal with the complaint through to resolution.

I would recommend also doing some quick research. I was very peeved that I wouldn’t be compensated for my lost time, so read the company’s Customer Service Charter and found out that I was entitled to claim £10.00 for each missed appointment. Nobody ever mentioned this to me, despite speaking to a number of different people.

In the end, I was compensated to the tune of nearly three month’s broadband. I’m a strong believer that if you are paying a pretty penny for a service, you deserve a certain level of service and, if not, you should do something about it.

Vicky x


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