Fun with Frenchic

I’ve never been one for run of the mill furniture. I really don’t want my bits and bobs to look the same as anyone else’s, as I’m a firm believer that your home is a reflection of you. The up side is also that it can save you a pretty penny.

I had my first go at up-cycling when I bought a nest of tables for a few pounds at a car boot. I had great fun sanding and painting and was really pleased with the end result -they were a real labour of love and are, to this day, still dotted in various corners of my home.

Since my son was born, and with work,  me-time has pretty much been obliterated but I do have nap slots that I want to put to good use and decided I would start to up-cycle again. I do love the thrill of finding a piece and changing it to what I want.


I really want to improve my skills so, this morning, I set off on a Frenchic chalk paint workshop to have a go using a photo frame. I am seriously impressed with the paint – no nasty smells or chemicals and you can paint it on to pretty much anything. I also love the ‘lazy’ range which already has a wax in the paint, saving you time and money. Move over Annie Sloan, you have a serious rival right here.  I found it so therapeutic to paint, eat cake and chat with some like-minded ladies.

With a new brush, a couple of tester pots and a a pair of sparkly glass door knobs,I am now totally inspired to revamp some of my current furniture – the first being a dark wood TV stand I picked up for a tenner prior to moving.

Looking forward to sharing the results to what I hope will be a little sideline for me one day.

Vicky x




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