Fragrance dupes

Like most women, I love a bit of perfume and do my best to smell well, fragrant! Back in the glory days of a decent full-time wage before having a wee one, I was a big lover of Marc Jacob’s Daisy and a liberal splash of CK one (fond memories of my formative teenage years). Now, whilst we are stashing every available penny and pound into the mortgage fund, I have a much more modest budget.


I did a little research and stumbled across a company called Milton Lloyd, who are well known for producing dupe scents at very reasonable prices. I discovered that DNA was a good ‘smell alike’ for Armani Code and Pure Lady Gold for Paco Rabanne’s Lady Millionaire. I picked up each bottle for £2.99 on sale from Fragrance Direct (great service btw). I’m very impressed with both scents and have had some nice compliments since wearing them. Admittedly, you do have to reapply more often than the premium brands but they are still a great bargain and the range is absolutely huge.

I’ve since also picked up Precious Amelia from Poundland. Admittedly, my expectations were nil when I bought this, fully expecting to stash it in the airing cupboard to use as an emergency air freshener but I love it. To me, it has a slight smell of YSL’s Opium. Not bad at all for a quid and a nice little pick me up treat. It’s worth mentioning too that I have pretty sensitive skin but none of the scents have caused any sort of irritation.

Anyone else know of some good dupes?

Vicky x


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