Saving on your online weekly shop

I’ve found the best way to stick to my shopping budget each week is by doing the shop online. That way, I’m never tempted by special end of the aisle offers for items that, quite frankly, I don’t need. I can also chop and change my basket if I go over budget and can quickly work out whether I have all the ingredients I need for that week’s meal plan. I also detest visiting supermarkets so, all in all, this works out well for me!

Generally, I try and find the cheapest delivery slot for a time I know I will be in midweek, which usually ends up costing around £3. Some slots (mostly weekends) can attract a whopping £6 or £7 premium. Whilst only a few pounds, this mounts up over the course of the month to around £12-£15. So, last week I took out a free trial of Tesco’s Delivery Saver Plan. I chose the any time option which, at £6, would still save me a fair whack a month and also means that I can benefit from free standard delivery on F&F clothing and click and collect on Tesco Direct orders over a tenner (these have recently started attracting a £2 charge).

I’m pretty chuffed so far, as I can order anytime and go for the more expensive slots I usually shun! I will take out the full £6 subscription when the month ends (you can get cheaper midweek plans).

Do you all prefer online shopping?


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