March Monthly money round up

This month hasn’t been too bad for stashing away a few extra pennies and we are now on track for the big move in a couple of month’s time (bit scary now!).

I sold my beautiful pink shopper bike on Facebay for £60.00. I loved it but, with work and a little one, just never got the chance to ride it – this went straight in the moving fund.


I much prefer Facebay to ebay, so much quicker and without the hassle of postage. I also love buying bits off there. This week was a Toy Story cot bed duvet cover – Sam’s latest love and kind of mine too!  A bargain at £3.00.

I took the chance to do more overtime this month – an extra £110.00

I’ve managed to reduce the weekly shop from £60 to £55 a week over the month, mainly by buying slightly less and freezing more. I seem to make a lot of stuffing balls but end up with a lot of waste, so this time froze the excess, the same with a punnet of mushrooms, which were then used for another couple of meals. I’ve also started buying pasta in bulk. Small changes but they mount up over the course of a  month. I have also just signed up for a free trial of Tesco’s Delivery Saving Scheme, which, straight away, saves me £12 to £15 per month!

I’m still using Swagbucks and One Poll to save for Christmas presents and buying bits as and when I see them.

Happy saving x




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