Get Comping!

Spare a few hours week and like the postie bringing  you ‘nice’ mail? Get comping!

I started entering competitions online whilst on maternity leave nearly 3 years ago. I was fat, swollen and spent quite a bit of the latter stages of my pregnancy sofa bound. Around this time I discovered Twitter and saw lots of people entering competitions and decided to give it a go for myself.

I used to be in the ‘I never win anything’ camp but, in reality, if you don’t enter a decent amount of competitions or give up too quickly, you probably won’t win anything. I’ve learnt that to do well you need to be consistent and cross your fingers for a little bit of luck.

I mainly enter re-tweet (RT) comps on Twitter and, on a good day, can enter around 100. I also enter quite a few on Facebook but have never really been a fan of the share requirement. Specific times of the year such as Christmas and Easter herald the start of more competitions than usual, so your chances of winning rise a little more. I’ve had some great wins including:

  • 3 night cottage holiday in Suffolk
  • Instant camera
  • Fortnum & Mason Christmas hamper
  • Huge Benefit make up hamper (still using some of it)
  • Marc Jacobs perfume hamper
  • Salon hair dryer
  • garden tools
  • Hair extensions
  • Joules leather bag
  • Huge baking bundle

Whilst there are specific sites which can direct you to the best comps, such as The Prize Finder, I tend to stick to Twitter and Facebook, as I’ve a lot less time now with working and a toddler to dedicate to it. I do need to get back on track, though, as it’s a great feeling having a little win. There’s a big ‘comping’ community on Twitter and it pays to use some etiquette, such RT the original promoter tweet, rather then the person who has RT. This is because it can cause a person’s notifications to go mad, irritate them and lead to them possibly blocking you from seeing their timeline! Bit of a minefield as a newbie but do take the time to get acquainted with it.

Anyone else love a comp?



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