Beautiful Blooms at the Orchard

As mentioned in a previous post, I was very excited to join The Orchard at Tesco, a scheme giving customers and colleagues the chance to try new products and services, either for free or at a discount. I absolutely love trying new things, so was excited to get stuck into my first programme – Fresh Flowers at Tesco.

I used my vouchers to buy two lovely bunches of blooms and then also purchased some daffodils (still my fave spring flower) and a lovely indoor trug for my mum for Mother’s Day. I do love having fresh flowers in the home. They brighten up a corner and bring personality to a room.


So, the all important verdict! I was genuinely impressed. The flowers were well presented, so ideal if you were gifting and there was a wide selection at the Extra store I made my purchase at. Each bunch (aside from the daffodils) came with a sachet of powder to extend the life of the flowers. Most importantly, they looked fresh on the day of purchase, with many of the flower heads still buds. This was fab, as you know you are going to get a bit of mileage from your bunch. That’s usually my bugbear, shelling out for flowers only for them to look half dead a couple of days later. Glad to report that’s not the case here and that three days on, my bunch are still going strong and look better than when ¬†purchased, as the daffodils have opened up and are looking very spring like on my dresser!

I am definitely more inclined to purchase for myself and as a gift for friends and family in the future as a result of this programme, so thumbs up all around!


  • Please note that whilst I am a colleague at Tesco, my views, as with everything on this blog, are all my own *

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