The Rainy Day Pot

I’ve always had a jar on the go to save 2 and 5 pence pieces and have usually stashed a few pounds into my savings as when throughout the year. I also used to have a jar that I would chuck pounds into with the hope that I would save enough for Christmas. The problem was, the easily accessible jar was constantly raided for change for car parking or milk!

This year I have been determined to save enough in change and the odd note to pay for our letting agent costs & fees when we move, with a little left over to contribute towards van hire. So, I introduced the rainy day jar! This has worked out brilliantly so far, as the only way I can get into it is by smashing it! So far, we are up to about £120.00, so well on the way. It’s great to have another little savings stream rather than just our main savings account.


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