Shaving money off the weekly shop

Before having Sam, my weekly shop planning consisted of slinging what I fancied in the trolley and then grimacing slightly when I got to the till and realised just how much I had spent and how few meals I could actually make from what I had bought! When it was just the two of us, we could easily drop £100.00 a week (too many treats!) and then we would still end up having to do one or two top up shops.

Fast forward to maternity leave and with the luxury of more time, I began to plan all our meals in detail, including packed lunches and snacks. The biggest change has also been doing my shop online. I set a budget and stick rigidly to it. If I go over. I play around with the list to see what we can lose that’s not essential. By doing this, I’ve managed to spend an average of £60 -£65 per week and am never tempted by those end of aisle promotions for things I don’t need or use. It also means I don’t forgot to bag my club card points, which I constantly did when I did a physical shop. I tend to do the actual shop a few days before I need it so that I can benefit from one of the low price delivery slots.

I make all my meals from scratch, which is important with a little one in the house and works out so much cheaper than buying convenience food.  I’m no named brand snob but like to mix things up by buying good quality meat. I stock up on a lot of frozen fruit and veg to avoid wastage and buy quite a few value products, which usually have the same ingredients as higher priced brands.

I hope to trim the fat a little more when we hopefully lose nappies and wipes from the weekly shop, which should save us a good £25ish a month – money we can snaffle away into the mortgage fund.

I have been reading up a lot lately about the savings made from couponing, so am hoping to give that a whirl. My aim for the year is to whittle the weekly cost down to £40.00 a week.

How do you save on your weekly shop?

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