The Rainy Day Pot

I’ve always had a jar on the go to save 2 and 5 pence pieces and have usually stashed a few pounds into my savings as when throughout the year. I also used to have a jar that I would chuck pounds into with the hope that I would save enough for Christmas. The problem was, the easily accessible jar was constantly raided for change for car parking or milk!

This year I have been determined to save enough in change and the odd note to pay for our letting agent costs & fees when we move, with a little left over to contribute towards van hire. So, I introduced the rainy day jar! This has worked out brilliantly so far, as the only way I can get into it is by smashing it! So far, we are up to about ¬£120.00, so well on the way. It’s great to have another little savings stream rather than just our main savings account.


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Shaving money off the weekly shop

Before having Sam, my weekly shop planning consisted of slinging what I fancied in the trolley and then grimacing slightly when I got to the till and realised just how much I had spent and how few meals I could actually make from what I had bought! When it was just the two of us, we could easily drop £100.00 a week (too many treats!) and then we would still end up having to do one or two top up shops.

Fast forward to maternity leave and with the luxury of more time, I¬†began to plan all our meals in detail, including packed lunches and snacks. The biggest change has also been doing my shop online. I set a budget and stick rigidly to it. If I go over. I play around with the list to see what we can lose that’s not essential. By doing this, I’ve managed to spend an average of ¬£60 -¬£65 per week and am never tempted by those end of aisle promotions for things I don’t need or use. It also means I don’t forgot to bag my club card points, which I constantly did when I did a physical shop. I tend to do the actual shop a few days before I need it so that I can benefit from¬†one of the low price delivery slots.

I make all my meals from scratch, which is important with a little one in the house and works out so much cheaper than buying convenience food. ¬†I’m no named brand snob but like to mix things up by buying good quality meat. I stock up on a¬†lot of frozen fruit and veg to avoid wastage and buy quite a few value products, which usually have the same ingredients as higher priced brands.

I hope to trim the fat a little more when we hopefully lose nappies and wipes from the weekly shop, which should save us a good £25ish a month Рmoney we can snaffle away into the mortgage fund.

I have been reading up a lot lately about the savings made from couponing, so am hoping to give that a whirl. My aim for the year is to whittle the weekly cost down to £40.00 a week.

How do you save on your weekly shop?

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Never too early for a bargain

Hello all on yet another rainy day!

So, this week I started my Christmas and birthday shopping for the year! I realise the mention of the ‘C word’ is very painful for some people prior to November but I do like to be organised. I’m a firm believer in buying something when you see it, rather than panic buying closer to the time, when you end up buying something over-priced and with little thought gone into it. I also have quite a big family, so the thought of saving it till 2 pay days before Christmas brings me out in a bit of a cold sweat!

My bargains this week were all birthday ones and for the little guys and gals in the family, who are always fun to buy for.

First up this adorable Disney Princess dress up gown with matching tiara from Tesco. Full price this was £12.50, reduced to £4.00 in the sale. I was browsing the clothing sale rail for something for my little boy when I spied this. Really chuffed with it and hopefully the little girl in question will love it too.

dress 2

Next up was this Animgaic Rescue Hospital horse recovery play set, also from Tesco. I would have adored this as a little girl, as I was horse obsessed. Who am I kidding РI still am! This currently retails on Amazon at £8.90, so was a great little buy for £2.00.


I’ve noticed that you don’t tend to find these sorts of deals on the Tesco Direct website but, instead, in store, so I would say it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled throughout the year to pic up those end of line bargains.

Finally for the little Disney Cars obsessed man in my life, a Disney Cars Mack Truck Transporter. Sam loves Mack from the film and this has the benefit of the truck folding out to become a play set. This usually retails at ¬£22.99, which I think is fairly shocking for a piece of plastic! I picked this up for ¬£11.99 in the sale from Argos, which is much more acceptable and a good deal, as the cheapest I could find it anywhere was ¬£15.99. It’s been stashed away for the wee one’s 3rd birthday and I am sure he will be thrilled.

I’ll be updating my bargains throughout the year. I would to hear some of yours!

Take a trip to the Orchard

I recently stumbled across The Orchard at Tesco. Essentially, it’s a free programme¬†giving you the chance to try Tesco products and services, either for free (yay, those magic words) or, at a discount. You then share your experiences and feedback via social media. Easy peasy.

I love the idea of getting to road test products, especially those new to the market, so I jumped at the chance and have just been ‘picked’ (excuse the orchard related pun)¬†for my first programme – trying some fresh flowers. I haven’t bought a bunch of flowers from a¬†store in years, so am looking forward to seeing how they fare. You can even sign up if you work for Tesco or one of it’s other companies.

I’m looking forward to sharing the results!