The year to save!

So, like the Chinese have the year of the dog or the horse, I’ve deemed this year the year to save!

The last few years seem to have been expensive ones. There have been house moves, a wedding, a baby, a few too many dodgy cars and then the change from working full-time to part-time. Now, we are more settled I am really motivated to build our savings so we can fund our move to Devon and buy our own home (no more magnolia walls!).

I am a bit of an organiser (list loving lady right here!) and this, coupled with my love of a good old bargain has got us on moving in the right direction.

Over the last few months I’ve done a lot of reading about extra ways to make money online, from survey sites to match betting. I’ve been going great guns on the surveys (they paid for over a third of this year’s Christmas and birthday presents) and me and the other half are about to try the latter this week. Exciting stuff. I’m looking forward to documenting my journey on here, together with any bargains I spot!


Vicky x